Why are we here?

Hickman Courthouse

It's simple enough as business plans go, do the right thing, treat people as family, always be ready to serve. That's how we were founded in the generation following the War Between the States, and that's how we still do things at Clinton Bank, Hickman County’s oldest bank. Though we were chartered in 1884 we did not open our doors until September 1887 and have since survived and thrived through wars and depressions promoting prosperity and stability in our communities. Our longevity speaks to the strength of our mission, but don’t let our age fool you. We have been and continue to be a progressive and innovative, locally owned bank that provides up-to-date solutions to today’s modern banking challenges. We were the first bank in our community to offer online and bill-pay services and the first to offer Health Savings Accounts. We are pleased to serve not only individuals but also our commercial and agricultural communities as well. Come on in and let us serve you.